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I thought the current attitude in the world was for women to be paid the same amount as men especially if they do the same job. It appears that Lisa Wilkinson has not only bucked that trend but proven why the “gender pay gap’ is nothing but a load of 3rd wave feminist rubbish. This week Lisa Wilkinson, complaining about her seemingly small 1.8 million dollar pay packet, compared to ‘Today’ show Co-host Karl Stefanovic’s  2 million,  she left Chanel 9. Many have attributed her actions to ‘standing up for gender equality’ ( and there’s the fucking word again) but what seemed to escape many media outlets is that she wasn’t after the same amount as Stefanovic for essentially less work, but she was actually after more money, a cosy 2.3 million. Despite this, she has essentially leased herself out to a lot more offers, such as her employment as Editor at large by the Huffington Post, and appearing in commercials for vitamin supplements. Her contributions on the Huffington post restrict her from posting news for Channel 9 as an apolitical
Quite simply, she wasn’t paid less as a co host of ‘Today’ purely because she’s a woman, but because she was less of an employment asset to Channel 9. Karl Stefanovic has not only been a host of the today show for over 10 years, but also lends himself to multiple other shows on Channel 9, notably “The Verdict”, a news panel discussion show, and A Current Affair. Wilkinson’s involvement with channel 9 rarely went further than the today show itself. Apart from the occasional monologue with the TV Week Logies or the guest appearance at ch9’s coverage and party for New Years Eve, he association with the network is fairly modelled on her involvement with the one morning show. She’s now been given a position with channel 10 and her 2.3 million demands met, with her new employment with channel 10 coming 45 minutes after her resignation. With news of Wilkinson’s resignation from the Nine Network rapidly spreading, hosts of CH10’s The Project  were quick to congratulate and welcome Wilkinson to the network, with Carrie Bickmore’s smug “ .. Channel 9’s loss is our gain...”. Politically she’s already become the poster child for the breaching of the gender pay gap with Bill Shorten, ABC News and other feminist commentators for supposedly standing up for women’s rights and fighting against the gender pay gap. If anything pushing this Dangerous agenda and paying women more money for less work is only hurting and further propagating the idea that women are supposedly weaker. It makes women look like they have an undeserved self sense of importance which alone they demand requires more money. This agenda alone is only polarising the sexes in the work place and is only perfectly summed up but the world of tennis, where women only engage in at most 60% of the work for the same money as their male counterparts.

I myself am opposed to this behaviour. I wouldn’t want any one paid differently for the same work. However, it must be the same work. I believe in a meritocracy, where people are judged and awarded based on their abilities as opposed to their mere existence. I also believe that one should celebrate their differences. I don’t ever believe that the world is an equal place. There are many instances in nature where the lifestyles of the different sexes aren’t equal, and because of that I believe that we should celebrate what makes us different, not try and pool us all together under that sickly word of ‘equality’. It has been proven time and time again that women prefer working with people and men like working with things. In addition to this, men are typically physically stronger and more athletic, women have the ability to rate and nurture life. Wilkinson’s tantrumic behaviour regarding her pay has not helped her cause, or the cause of feminists. Rather it has purely damaged the reputation of those who seek equality. Her resignation from Channel 9 is nothing more than a juvenile dummy spit. Quite simply, Ms Wilkinson, either do the same work and dedicate yourself to your employer to the same degree or don’t expect the same pay. Her behaviour has put her in the same whiny league a Hilary Clinton, who’s year long tantrum regarding the election is now starting to alienate herself from her peers and her cause. Wilkinson’s behaviour can only be explained when compared to that of her husband, Australian Republican Movement leader Peter Fitzsimmons, who openly uses any platform to complain about his ideals for Australian leadership under a republic at a round table pub discussion regarding the future of Rugby Union.

Lisa Wilkinson, I invite you to have a good, long, hard look at yourself, re-evaluate your ‘Chandon-Socialist’ ways and grow up. Carry yourself with the dignity of your former co-host and be more realistic about your ways. Otherwise your future ventures will surely be doomed for failure.


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