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Parents are without a doubt an important part of all our lives. For all but a select few, becoming a parent is the happiest day of their lives. Whether its the day they discover that a mother is pregnant or the day the child is born, the highly elating experience is an important one which needs to be celebrated. It is also, in my opinion, important to independently recognise the efforts and contributions of mothers and fathers and the roles they play in the upbringing of future generations. The father’s traditional role of financing the household and defence of the family and the mothers role of physical care and nurturing of children are indeed not mutually exclusive from one another, however they are instinctive and natural. These are also occasions that seek to also recognise any parent-like figure in a persons life, such as guardians, step-fathers or even grandfathers, or even stop to remember such societal figures that have since passed on.

There are however those who seek to destroy the image of father’s day and mothers day. Dr Ruby Red Scarlett ( seen below) has put out calls to officially rename Father’s Day to ‘Special Persons Day’, claiming that a singular day may cause offence or distress to those who either have no father or are in a form of same sex non traditional family where there is no male role model. Oh.. the insanity of PC Culture. The idea that people who play into Identity politics, stripping kids of vital role models are now telling others that their normality is offensive

I personally have had a huge falling out with my father. We’re no longer allowed to contact each other and yes sometimes I’m upset at the thought of it. That doesn’t mean that I’m offended that others celebrate Father’s Day. According to comedian Steve Hughes on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow,

-        “... and there’s political correctness, the suppression of intellectual movement so no one says something any more in case somebody else gets offended. ‘what happens if you say that and someone gets offended? Pfft, well they can be offended”

And this here is a train of though that is dying not only in Australia but around the world. A generation of empowered idiocy that has been told time after time that their opinions matter more than those who disagree with you and a world where the fear of the minority far outweighs the power of the majority. The cult of offence creates people like Dr Scarlett, Andrew O’Keefe and Linda Sarsour; people who put the 'feels' of people and possible offence in front of rationality. Hughes goes on to say;

-        “... you know what happens when you get offended? Nothing. Nothing at all”

We even have sections of law that protect those in our country from possibly being offended, that being Section 18C of the Discrimination Act. Offence is something that is purely subjective. What offends one person would be nothing but hilarious to others. Its fairly amazing how this push to rename a day and to strip away the importance of a day has only arisen with the rapidly approaching Father’s Day. There was no open discussion around the renaming of Mother’s day in the possibility that it could cause offence to kids of Gay couples or who have no mother. No. This is only because through popular culture, ever increasingly discriminatory custodial laws regarding a father’s ownership over his own children, and the financial incentivising of single motherhood, we have universally vilified the image of the father. We have told the women of today that they can be men, they can be fathers and they can take on the role of both parents. This is only exemplified by media commentator Gavin McInnes with; 

-        “...what started as a ridiculous joke making fun of a father’s lack of understanding of pop culture [TV show Married with Kids] has transmografied into something more sinister. We have trivialised the role of the father to the point of worthlessness. Well I’ve got bad news for you America. The family unit isn’t just a big part of American culture, it IS American culture, its Western culture for crying out loud. By virtually every metric imaginable children of single parents are more likely to be forgotten, abused, uneducated and imprisoned.”

We are now seeing the advent of this idiocy now with a cake in a Woolworths store with one of their classic mud cakes inscribed with “Special Person’s Day” (pictured below). Although this wasn’t a widespread introduction to Woolworths’ Bakery section, this to me feels like one of North Korea’s missile tests. A one off test fire to see what the world’s reaction will be. All bark and no bite, but something to make the news headlines for the day and cause some 'kerfuffle' within society. 

Side by side with the push to legalise Same-Sex Marriage in Australia, this multi pronged attack on traditional family values and conservatism is only seeking to fulfil one objective, make our old society redundant and cause mass confusion. A Neo Marxist indoctrinated generation and an increasingly atheist population is nothing but a curse for our western civilisation that we have spent almost 1500 years building and evolving.


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