Branding Brandis

Yet again the Australian Parliament has proven how much a circus it is. Trained Lions on the right, Clowns on the Left and the ring leader with George Brandis. Today during Question Time in the Senate Chamber Queensland One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson entered the chamber wearing a full body Burqa to the utter disbelief of the sitting members of both sides. Audible mumblings of “oh what the hell” can be heard ringing through the chamber. Although incredibly confusing, context was drawn to the event when Sen. Hanson removed the controversial article of clothing  and probed the sitting members with a question regarding the possibility of pushing a ban on the Burqa in Australia as, as having just previously demonstrated, it not only feels misplaced in Australian society but conceals the occupant to the degree of unrecognizability where it becomes dangerous to society. Her question to the floor, more specifically President of the senate and Federal Attorney-General George Brandis is as follows;

⦁    “In light of our national security of this nation, will you work with me to ban the Burqa in Australia considering .... “

Unfortunately due to the uncontrollable rabble of the left of the floor, Sen. Hanson was unable to finish the rest of her question ( a common tactic of the left in Parliament to rabble anyone else out of an opinion). Hanson’s poised question was met with an immediate ‘smackdown’ by Brandis with an overly impassioned speech.

⦁    “...and to ridicule that community, to drive it into a corner, to mock its religious garments, is an appalling thing to do and I would ask you to reflect on what you have done”

This reaction was met with a standing ovation from members from both Labour and Greens.

Complete ignorance of Sen. Hanson’s question.

What must be understood from this afternoon of events is that Sen. Brandis’ reaction was nothing short of ‘White Apologism’. What he has done is essentially put his own personal fear of offending in front of allowing the normal democratic processes in our democratic discussion hub. He has taken a stance that everything that is said by an anglo person against an ethno-cultural minority is wrong irrespective of its accuracy in context. He has taken on the overly protective, incredibly ‘PC’ stance of tip toeing around an issue for the sake of not wanting to cause offence to those who might be offended by Hanson’s actions (who are actually a minority) and place himself as ‘saviour’ of those same people, condemning an already unpopular senator for her actions and shutting down debate on a hot button issue. Hes taken the stance of apologising on behalf of whites to maintain the peace with what is a very violent and abusive minority. We live in an age where the fear of the minority far outweighs the power of the majority and Sen. Brandis knows this. In short he has only taken this stance to protect his vote margin with 0 regard for the democratic process or the institution he serves. What Sen. Brandis fails to realise is that much like himself she is a democratically elected representative of US. She received over half a million votes and sits in the same chamber as himself. She has the right to bring up and propose such questions which, although controversial, is a question that concerns many Australians nationwide. Although there could have been better ways for Ms Hanson to bring up the subject, there are certainly worse ways. It is apparent that this method was simply employed to cause mass conversation and controversy and it has done exactly that. If anything I commend Ms Hanson for raising such a controversial topic in such a head turning way.

 They often say that the pen is mightier than the sword, well I hope that for Sen. Brandis’ career that this doesn’t eventuate in the next election.


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