“Call of Duty”: Social Justice Warfare

Well its been a long time coming, but the latest, action packed, non-absurdly futuristic instalment of “Call of Duty” has arrived and it is indeed an amazing game. I, myself, have become more and disillusioned with the “Call of Duty” franchise purely because it was becoming more and more absurd with not only exposition but also the settings, especially with the latest installation “Infinite Warfare” (cmon wtf is that) pitching two interplanetary armed forces attempting to hold control of the Solar Systems precious resources. But thankfully there is a new “Call of Duty” with a finally recognisable setting, The Second World War.

Honestly its got everything. Gritty, brutal, boots on the ground action, realistic combat and weaponry, fantastic character development and.... 


                                                          ... and African Americans?

Now, before you confuse me for being a racist and a male chauvinist, I have absolutely no issue with women or people of colour serving their country. I honour those even as far back as the first world war who, even not on the front lines of combat gave the ultimate sacrifice to serve their country. One of Australia’s deadliest snipers in the first world war, Billy Singh, was of Chinese Descent and we had over 50 Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islanders serving at Gallipoli Alone ( in a time where they weren’t even considered anything above flora/fauna) and without a hesitation in the world I absolutely honour their service. But to put it simply, Sledgehammer games’ depiction of the US beachhead in Normandy in 1944 with a female quarter master and an African American Major issuing orders is simply wrong. This is even baring in mind that this is set 20 years before “Mississippi Burning”, a movie about deep set racist anti-negro attitudes, was set.

But, the inclusion of the above mentioned characters in poignant roles of the game is nothing short of pandering to Social Justice in today’s world. This war was, in the nations involved in the story of the game, mostly a White Man’s war, and in a story with a specific historical setting that is nothing to be ashamed of. In other theatres of WW2, there were masses of troops of Japanese, Indian, Chinese, eastern and western Russian ethnicity and it would  make more sense to include soldiers, airmen and seamen of these nationalities into the game as opposed to inventing rubbish.

In addition to these characters there is a  range of obscure calling cards to help make your online profile stand out. In my mind it would make sense to have flags of the nations involved in the conflict or current national flags, but there isn’t, instead there are a set of striped flags, one of which is the rainbow flag, thee universal symbol for the Alphabet soup movement (LGBTIQ+).

Now although it may seem like a petty and minor thing to complain about, but this is signifying what lengths major companies are willing to go to in order to avoid mass triggering and twitter condemnation. In short, its little ways of warping a perspective of an historical event as to appease and fall in line with trashy left wing media outlets (cough* Buzzfeed and Triple J *cough*) and not to offend.

In short, its re writing history claiming a falsification as fact, as well as pushing a bullshit agenda on a specific demographic.

Am I saying that there weren’t women involved in the war effort? No. Women were involved in code breaking, home front efforts, production and manufacturing as well as in many resistance fronts in most Nazi occupied territories where the men were either fighting on their own fronts, imprisoned or executed. One particular woman of note involved in bringing down the Nazi regime is code breaker and Cryptanalyst Joan Clarke who worked along side Alan Turing in breaking the German Enigma code, a story recently envisioned by the 2014 film “The Imitation Game”. Of course women played a vital role in supporting the men overseas but they certainly weren’t on the front line on the Omaha Beach.

Am I saying that African Americans didn’t serve their country in the second world war? No, not at all. In fact one of the most decorated divisions of the second world war was the all African American 332nd Fighter Group, colloquially known as the Tuskegee Airmen. Fantastic pilots, many of which worked on farms crop dusting, but they had to fight the ACTUAL institutional racism in 1940’s America to even fight for their country on the front lines. Even then, many were not allowed to fight on the ground in infantry roles with many turning to aircraft given their professional abilities with aircraft. The racist situation within America is even highlighted within the dialogue in the game stating “let us fight? Yeah they even let us die”. However were they present in command roles amongst infantry? I highly doubt it.

What I’m saying is stop pushing this agenda with well known history and putting this crap in our faces because you don’t think I’m aware of it. I went to school, I studied Modern History for my HSC and I am well versed that it wasn’t just white men involved in the conflict. What shits me to tears is that these institutions are parading this fact as if we are blinded to the fact. You can tell a story involving other ethnicities but you don’t have to jump up and down shouting “ look how inclusive we are” and ram it down our throats and make us accept it as gospel. On top of this it shits me that its not only the pushing of this shit in general but its the intrusion of history in this newfound culture of ‘anglo demonization’ for the sake of a modern political agenda which acts in the name of inclusion but thrives off division.

Stop acting that I don’t care about the efforts of women and non- whites. Stop acting that I have a white privilege to be able to ignore these facts. Stop changing history and feeding a falsified story to the next generations. 

If i were to 100% believe Call of Duty's representation of the second world war, there were black American officers, half the German Wehrmacht were women and that young men were crushed by falling lootcrates on Omaha Beach. Sorry, but Hogan's Heroes is looking like a better historical authority.


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