Sex... the final frontier

What a weird world we live in. Fifty years ago the word ‘gay’ just meant someone who was happy and carefree. Now we cant even say it for fear of offence. Now to describe someone’s sexuality we have to delve into the apologist and exclusive world of identity politics with this linguistic mess; LGBTIQ+. Endless amount of people in social media pushing the bonds of normality to include asking someone how they identify when we first meet them so we don’t possibly mis-gender them (based on how they feel at any given time) and possibly offend them (who cares).

We have a new trend of advocating for protection of a super minority. Not only  do we have government programs instilled to protect not-hetero kids in school, but also a bi-partisan push for new ‘rights’ allowing these people to be permitted to be married in a church. But one thing that has always puzzled me is, why is it that realistically people were allowed to be ‘non hetero’ without complaining about 10 years ago, and now we hear nothing BUT rights and protection and all the mish-mash of rubbish being peddled by micro-groups.

From the Mardis Gras in Sydney to the sexualisation of war and federation monuments (big pink condom), this agenda is not only damaging towards our society but also our children, many of whom have to grow up and be educated with absolute rubbish. With indoctrinated generations and an increasing Atheist population in Australia, it seems that the nation is poised to almost rid the concept of Christianity and Judeo- Christian values (from which Common Law is purely based on) from our nation. Same Sex Marriage is only one step in a push to create a godless society where religion is a crime, men and women are interchangeable and feeling come before facts.

But what are the points that many on the soft right and the left (basically indistinguishable) trot out in support of Same Sex Marriage?

11)      “Love is Love”.... “You should be able to marry whom you love”. This particular argument only opens a can of worms. This mantra is nothing but a simple throw-around soundbite, much like Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’. It is insinuating that those who oppose SSM are again the concept of love and devotion. A cheap and immature tag that fails to see the further implications of the word ‘ love’. Liberal Staffer Edwin Nelson first opened this can of worms. In April 2016 he outraged many left news outlets such as Buzzfeed with what employer and MP Kevin Connolly stated as “logical and unremarkable” connections between support for SSM, incestuous relationships and bestiality. He states

-          “A quick question to my left wing friends out it wrong for two homosexual men who are brothers to sleep with each other?.... if you answer no, then what would you say to two brothers and sisters sleeping with each other

He further goes on to postulate

-          “ The argument for homosexual marriage are the same as for homosexual incestuous marriage

Unfortunately for Nelson, not even the defence of Connolly could save him in the eyes of the vultureous media. Forced to resign from his staffing position with Connolly and his executive position with Macquarie University Liberal Club, Nelson has continued to focus on his studies since. However it does put forward the idea that the supporting idea for Same Sex Marriage, bestiality, paedophilia, man boy love and object love all are the same. That love is love. But how do you define love? Oxford Dictionary defines love as “An intense feeling of deep affection”. Extrapolating this definition to what Nelson was postulating, If you genuinely feel a deep affection for your brother, your dog, your toaster or your neighbours 10 year old daughter, is that actually love? Should that be allowed? Why shouldn’t they all be allowed if one is. The slippery slope argument is indeed well founded, as we have seen in Canada with “most bestiality now legal’. The Canadian Supreme Court has ruled that

-           “ As of today [9 June 2016], Canadian law gives animal abusers license to use animals for their own sexual gratification,”.

This heinous legalisation of despicable acts follows Canada’s legalisation of Same Sex Marriage. Although the new laws have thus far prohibit sexual acts that involve penetration of the animal, one can only wonder if it will be the next political hurdle.

12)      “Its about happiness.” This argument is so beyond ridiculous. Again like the above argument of “love is love”, it vindicates those who oppose the idea as people who ultimately hate people being happy. The truth is, in almost every country that gay marriage has been legalised the people involved are not happier as a direct result. In the United States, since the advent of Same Sex Marriage in the Supreme Court, the suicide rate of non-hetero people has increased from 5 to 7 times more likely than married heterosexuals and the divorce rate is between 68 and 70% annually.

23)      “We don’t have the same rights as married couples.”  They have the right to be recognised as De Facto. They have the right to adopt and the right to access IVF treatment to produce children. They have the right to joint bank accounts and the right to exist within society. All this aside marriage in a church is not a right its a privilege. It is a privilege bestowed upon you by the religious clergy or elder of your particular religion or denomination if and only if you can follow the teachings of the relevant book and god. 

The problem with the whole issue with Same Sex Marriage is that it is an incredibly divisive issue. We have seen not only multiple businesses such as Qantas, Apple and American Express and even sporting institutions such as the AFL and the Australian Wallabies Team have publicly pledged support of Same Sex Marriage on social media and through various media outlets. This particular move by these corporations have attracted a very mixed response. From praise to condemnation, it creates nothing but division within the fan bases of these organisations. Many also criticise that they are meant to be apolitical organisations supporting a particular sport or to focus on operating an airline rather than delving into a political agenda. Maybe if the Wallabies focused more on Ruby than Identity Politics we wouldn’t lose to almost every team we’ve played against this year. 

The AFL in particular bows down to political agendas left, right and centre dedicating a round of its competition each year to any movement it could find. Between ‘Gay Pride Round’,  “Indigenous round’ and even “Multicultural Round”, its particularly ridiculous how politically involved a sporting organisation is.

There are of course  standout individuals that have voiced their own opinion regardless of their employer’s stance. Wallabies and AFL star Israel Folau publically voiced his anti SSM stance on Twitter and has of course received backlash. His twitter account reducing him and his stance on the issue to homophobia and denial of ‘human rights’ as well as starting a storm of heated political debates between other twitter users.

On a more personal note, one thing that particularly infuriates me about those who support Same Sex Marriage is the impudent, child like behaviour. Facebook filters and demonstration placards with Simpsons quotes, the tantrum, reactionary crap that they carry their movement with and the lack of respect that it is indeed a democratic vote and that there might be differing opinions to their own. Just grow up or shut up. Am I debating the foundation of marriage and the building block of society with a sycophantic 10 year old?

Another issue with arguing against Same Sex Marriage is the chance that you’ll lose your job. There are already cases of people either losing their job or  having their profession threatened because of their opposition to Same Sex Marriage. Dr Pansy Lai appeared in a TV advertisement generated by the ‘Coalition for Marriage’ posing her stance against the change in Marriage Law and was immediately met with opposition, hostility from those who support and calls for Dr Lai to be deregistered as a General Practitioner, a profession that has no impact from or on her political opinion. Similarly, Canberra based children’s birthday party organiser Madlin Sims made a decision to sack an employee over her public statements against  Same Sex Marriage claiming;

-“Not in any way am I saying ‘don’t voice your opinion’, that’s democracy... but I do feel that it is hateful being against gay marriage...Just like I wouldn’t want someone who is racist working with us... I wasn’t comfortable having someone who was so out and proud about being against equality”

Ms Sims sums up her stance with a Facebook post;

- “  1.  It’s bad for business
2. I don’t like shit morals
3. I don’t want homophobes working for me, especially in an environment with children”

Her entire reason for sacking an employee? A temporary Facebook profile photo frame, much like what you get with a major movie release, simply saying “It’s OK to say NO”.

Why are we, as a society, in trouble with this new agenda that governments are pushing? Quite simply, if we allow Same Sex Marriage in this country, if we allow Marxist leaders to push a damaging safe schools programme, we will lay the foundation stones for the end of our established society. We only have to look at Britain to see the damage that allowing this agenda to run rampant has done. Not only has gender reassignment become “as easy to officiate as changing your name by statutory declaration”, not only have parents lost the right to remove their children from sex ed classes which teach positions and masturbation techniques instead of promiscuity and STI’s but people in Britain have lost the right to maintain their religion, with many religious foster parents losing the right to fostering as their religious beliefs are considered damaging to gender neutrality. It is so worrying how much damage has already been done to people in my generation. I was only born in 1996, and yet I’m already seeing the dawn of a very dark time. The proportion of people that do identify as non-hetero is skyrocketing. The proportion of militant  atheists in my  generation is ridiculous. This is a dangerous ideal that MUST remain just that, an Ideal that doesn’t come to life.


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